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Dentist at work

Medical, Dental, Chiropractic – and everything in between!

We’re all about protecting people and their livelihoods. How we do that begins with listening.

We take the time to understand our clients. We educate our clients, sharing our expertise and understanding of insurance for health care professionals. 

We’re specialists just like you. You specialize in caring for people, we are people who specialize in caring for you.

From checkups and cleanings to root canals and braces…your patient’s oral health is in your hands. We know people are counting on you — so please know that you can count on us!

360º View of You 

Insurance tailored to your unique needs.

For us, at R&D, a 360º view of you starts with questions for which the answers help us understand you better. Behind every insurance contract is a real person, with a real life story that gets our attention and respect.

We listen to you, so we can understand you, in order to tailor a solution just for you. We have learned since 1986, that it’s not enough to hear you, it’s more important to listen to you.


Dental Students and Residents

Insurance can be opaque at the best of times, especially if you have had no prior exposure to it. Don’t worry, R&D has you covered. We will explain everything, including the minutiae (the “fine print”), and answer all your questions leading you to the insurance decision that serves your best interest.

Disability insurance is foundational to any insurance plan. In the event you become disabled and suffer a drop in your earned income, disability insurance will help reduce your income loss and protect your livelihood.  

R&D has been insuring dental students since 1986, long enough to have learned that 30% of first year students will experience an impairment in their health that will make it more difficult for them to get disability insurance by the time they reach their graduating year.

As a dental student, we strongly advise you to start your insurance programming as soon as possible in order to secure your insurability and reduce the risk of an adverse health condition affecting your ability to become insured down the road.


Dentist with patient

In Practice

Dental practices operate quite differently today than they did even as recently as only 10 years ago. Practices are larger, number of practitioners per practice are greater, dental professionals are not always viewed as just dentists by the insurance industry but rather as business owners.  These factors make it more difficult for insurance professionals to properly advise dental practitioners when it comes to insurance, especially insurance that is needed at time of disability — this would include income replacement insurance as well as office overhead insurance.

Our best advice is to be well advised, so you aren’t left with the wrong impression about what your insurance will or will not do for you. What does this mean? You need a specialist who does this work every hour of every day. That’s what we do at R&D.


Business Owners In a Meeting

Estate Planning & Wealth Preservation

R&D offers estate planning solutions that can be used for creating and growing your life’s work by way of enhancing your estate value, and to offset estate taxes when they ultimately become due.

At R&D, our aim is to work closely with your trusted advisors using insurance tools to provide financial protection, liquidity, and tax advantages for your estate and its beneficiaries.



My experience in dealing with R&D Insurance has been characterized by unwavering and unquestionable RESPECT.

-Dr. Marcus Blouw

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Working with Michael and David through R&D has made choosing an appropriate insurance for my personal situation very easy and I’ve learned a lot through the process …I’m extremely happy that I was connected to R&D and will continue to use their expertise throughout my career.

-Dr. Alisha Beaudoin

Radiology resident – University of Manitoba

David is a people person and is very interested in getting to know his clients so that he can advise them on the products and services that are best for them. 

-Dr. Rizwan Manji

MD PhD FRCSC MBA, Max Rady College of Medicine, Dept of Surgery, Asper Clinical Research Institute, Associate Professor

My experience with R&D Insurance has been unequivocally positive. This is a business with lived values of care, compassion, expertise and advocacy. “Going above and beyond” is an apt descriptor of David and his team…and they do it with sincerity and genuineness.

-Dr. Calvin Bergen

Urgent Care Medicine

If you, like me, need to be sure that the person looking after your insurance needs is going to be the absolute best at it, then you need not look further than David and his team!  

-Dr. Julian Regehr

Emergency Medicine, Pre-Hospital and Transport Medicine

David and his team always go above and beyond. They provide services with a level of care, efficiency and thoroughness that exceeds anything else I’ve experienced. I’m so grateful to David for his years of knowledge and support.

-Dr. Catherine Carter

BSc, DC, Founder/Partner – Norfolk Chiropractic

I got the sense that I was in the hands of a pro who had my welfare at heart and who REALLY knew the life circumstances of medical professionals.

-Dr. Kelly S MacDonald

MD FRCPC, Professor of Medicine, Infectious Diseases Specialist – University of Manitoba

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Jona…Jona is highly personable, motivating, and skilled at creating a comfortable environment for her clients.  She keeps her programs challenging, but fun and innovative…Every workout with Jona is the best investment in me! I am so grateful to Jona and the R&D team for this client benefit.

-Dr. Lesley Ritchie

C. Psych, ABPP-CN, Clinical & Sports Neuropsychology

David was an utterly dependable and indispensable advisor and advocate as I made my way through the LTD claims process.  His team have provided exemplary service since the very start.

-Dr. E

Business people talking in meeting

Succession Planning Sets the Table for Future Generations

Business succession planning is a complex process that involves financial, strategic, legal, and tax considerations.  Insurance solutions can play a crucial role in supporting succession planning efforts by mitigating financial risks and ensuring a smooth transition.

Insurance solutions are typically used in business succession planning to help:

  • Transfer wealth and assets to the next generation
  • Provide liquidity to pay estate taxes
  • Prevent the need for selling off business assets
  • Avoid taking on debt to settle estate-related costs/obligations
  • Fund buy-sell agreements
  • Fund the death and incapacity of a key person/executive

R&D has long-standing relationships with some of Canada’s top tiered tax, legal, and estate planning professionals. Together, we can help optimize your plans for your succession.

Tax Form

Tax/Estate Planning Handled With Care

Insurance can play a significant role in estate planning by providing financial protection, liquidity, and tax advantages.

Insurance solutions are often used in estate planning to:

  • Replace lost income on the death of a family’s income earner
  • Shelter redundant investment capital from accrual taxation
  • Offset capital gains taxes due on death for investment and business assets that have appreciated in value over one’s lifetime
  • Create a cascading strategy by accumulating wealth on a tax-sheltered basis that can be transferred tax-free to children and/or grandchildren
  • Create a sizeable tax deduction by endowing registered charities with Life Insurance


At R&D we have great relationships with a variety of partners to meet your insurance needs.

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At Claim Time – Let us be your hired muscle!

Going it alone at claim time can put you at a significant disadvantage. R&D’s commitment to you is that we will advocate for you at claim time, at no cost. We will make certain that you will have any and all legitimate claims paid by navigating the claims process on your behalf. If you like us at time of purchase, you’re going to love us at time of claim.