R&D Insurance Agency


Dr. Marcus Blouw

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Dr. Alisha Beaudoin

Radiology resident – University of Manitoba

Dr. Rizwan Manji

MD PhD FRCSC MBA, Max Rady College of Medicine, Dept of Surgery, Asper Clinical Research Institute, Associate Professor

Dr. Calvin Bergen

Urgent Care Medicine

Dr. Julian Regehr

Emergency Medicine, Pre-Hospital and Transport Medicine

Dr. Catherine Carter

BSc, DC, Founder/Partner – Norfolk Chiropractic

Dr. Kelly S MacDonald

MD FRCPC, Professor of Medicine, Infectious Diseases Specialist University of Manitoba

Dr. Lesley Ritchie

C. Psych, ABPP-CN, Clinical & Sports Neuropsychology

Dr. E


At Claim Time – Let us be your hired muscle!

Going it alone at claim time can put you at a significant disadvantage. R&D’s commitment to you is that we will advocate for you at claim time, at no cost. We will make certain that you will have any and all legitimate claims paid by navigating the claims process on your behalf. If you like us at time of purchase, you’re going to love us at time of claim.